RS Low Level Tips: A Beginners’ Guide To Earning More Gold

If you are a low-level RuneScape player and you are just starting to get a grip on how the game works, earning gold is one of the challenges that you have to face. You need RuneScape gold in order to purchase items and other things needed in the game. That is why you must know how to do it right. This article is specifically for those who are new with RuneScape and have not found a good way to make money just yet.

 Farm Herbs

Farming herbs is one of the best things to do to make money. This skill is unlocked at level 30 Farming. This is good for beginners because it will let you farm once in every 75 to 90 minutes. And this run can only take 4 to 5 minutes to finish. Choose to farm low-level herbs because they tend to help you make more money compared to the high-level herbs.

Some of these items you need for farming are Juju Farming Potion, Magic Secateurs, and Ardougne Cloaks. The Juju Farming Potion can be bought for 45K from the rs gold that you bought online, at the Grand Exchange. That is a bit much for many but this will give you ⅓ chance of picking up twice the herbs. The Magic Secateurs on the other hand will give you 10% more yields while the Ardougne Cloaks will let you teleport straight to the farming site.

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Making Potions

If you want to make around 1 to 2 million RSGP and 2,000 XP in an hour, then you should start making potions. You can use the herbs that you collected and cleaned to make the options. Or you can also just purchase clean herbs from the Grand Exchange instead. For making potions, you will need a scroll of cleansing that will give you 12.5% chances of finishing it twice as fast. It also gives players 10% chance of saving ingredients if there are unfinished potions. You will also need a portable well which gives you 5% chances of creating extra potions and 10% more Herblore XP.

Make Cannonballs

Once you have completed the Dwarf Cannon quest, you will be able to start smithing cannonballs. With this, you can make as much as 900,000 RS gold in an hour. You will need Morytania legs that will let you smith twice as fast. This is the best way to level up your Smithing skill too.

Even for low leveled players, there are still ways to make money. So what are you waiting for? Do not get left behind because you do not have enough RS gold. Keep leveling up these skills to make more money. And if you need instant gold, you can always opt to purchase them online too.