Learn How to Sight in Your New Rifle Scope Yourself. 

You’ll learn how to boresight of a gun correctly so that you can adequately attach your new rifle scope. Bore sighting is the process of focusing on your target while using both the barrel of this rifle also this rifle scope. To keep the viewpoints the same, you will need to shift your perspective between the two lines of sight. It would be best to make sure that the gun does not move while doing this, or else the alignment will be thrown entirely off.

Both parties worked together to develop the world’s most excellent optics program – your rifle range – by combining their skills of light research and hunting experience of the outdoors.

If you take a few practice shots, you should be able to see how well your bore sighting procedure lined the rifle scope with the target. It’s best to try to shoot in a very tight, concentrated pattern so that you can see how precise your sights are.

The alignment wheels on your sight in a scope should now be used to fine-tune your rifle scope even more, as seen in the image below. One knob is responsible for side-to-side alignment on most rifle scopes, and the other is responsible for up-and-down adjustments. Depending on the rifle scope you have, each click of the knob will move the scope by either 1/4 or 1/2 inch, depending on the manufacturer.

Maintain your familiarity with the focus knob so that you can make rapid and delicate changes in the field if the situation calls for such action. When it comes to contemporary scopes, many of them include an automated or fast focus option that performs the job for you. However, you will need to become familiar with how quickly they operate so that you can time your shots more efficiently.

It’s also essential to understand how to use the crosshairs on your scope to be more precise with your shots. In many modern rifle scope models, crosshairs are used to assist you in estimating bullet drop and wind direction, and some even include lighted bulls eyes or laser guides to help you improve your accuracy even further.