Experience the Top Class Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning is a business that does not often enjoy the best reputation. The cleaning process is long, tedious and can be very difficult. The high quality level of commercial carpet cleaning services in Charlotte, NC required to make a business profitable offers many advantages but requires a significant investment in time and money in addition to extensive training.

To increase your chances of running a successful carpet cleaning company it pays to research what is currently working for you competitors and invest yourself into those areas where your competitors are weak.

The information that follows will help you to understand what is required to start and run a commercial carpet cleaning service and how best to ensure quality of service.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Experience the Top Class Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

The carpet cleaning process can be divided into three main stages: Preparation, Cleaning, and Restoration.

Preparation is the period when you set up the interior of the property to be cleaned for example, cleaning carpets with spots or stains, vacuuming the floors and setting out all equipment required for the job. This stage is also known as ‘prepping’.

Cleaning requires physically removing the ground-in dirt from your customers’ carpets. This can be achieved with a rotary shampooer, scrubbing brush or hot water extraction machine. The choice of cleaning method will depend on the type and abundance of soil present in the carpet pile.

Restoration is the stage when you begin to make your customers’ carpets look like new again. This not only involves cleaning but also a process known as ‘wetting’ where moisture is added to the pile to make it easier for soil to be removed in subsequent processes.

The Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There are many benefits to be had from commercial carpet cleaning. These include:

  • Increased customer loyalty and repeat business. A company that prices and delivers high quality service will find that their customers are more likely to come back asking for future services than a company which does not.
  • Reduction in call backs for carpet and upholstery cleaning due to stains re-appearing after being first cleaned.
  • Better quality cleaning results. Consistent high quality service will ensure your customers are more likely to choose your company over a cheaper and less professional alternative.
  • Lower costs. Using a reputable business ensures that there is minimal risk of damage to carpets due to poor workmanship or poor cleaning methods.